it’s a sign for a career change

migi was making papa/mama/baby crocodile out of their zoob toy (it’s akin to those building blocks/lego toys). he was talking while playing, creating stories about the crocodile family. his story was that papa crocodile drove baby crocodile to school, then papa crocodile went to work. so i asked him what’s mama crocodile doing. he answered, ‘bantay2x mamat.’ (taking care of mamat. mamat is mateo.) basically he’s talking a snippet of our day-to-day life.

just to get what’s in his mind, i continued the conversation:

me: mag-unsa ka igdako, mag computer o doctor? (computer and doctor only because they’re what he is exposed too. computer = mark, doctor = their pediatrician)
migi: computer

then i asked meg the same question:

me: meg, computer ka o doctor?
meg: di. mama ko.
me: mag- unsa man na ang mama?
meg: wait papa. (wait for papa)

i think it’s a telling sign that either i need to improve my mothering skills or get a job out of this house that entails more than ‘bantay bata’ or ‘wait for papa.’