how to trek kawasan…

with an infant. =)
ako ay lumad taga badian that’s why i’m a bit jaded towards kawasan falls. i can’t blame me. when i was a kid, every summer, countless time i’d go up and down the kawasan falls to accompany different sets of relatives. i pretty much know the way even with eyes closed. =) hehehe

so the last time i was there, i was thinking what’s with kawasan falls? it’s just falling waters. it’s not even that tall. then, i realized that it’s not really all about the waterfalls. it’s the trek, the journey, the walk that somehow makes the experience something special. you know the long walk then at the end of it, you see that waterfalls — makes the falls extra beautiful (though i hate the cottages they now build on the first falls, they block the view of the falls. ggrrr). and, even the trek itself, though not challenging to others, is already a treat itself. =)

(kugoson na lang. mas dali.)