grown-up packed saturday

last saturday were ‘swamped’ with activities that made me feel i’m already an adult, matured adult, a parent.

first part of the day was migi’s school family day at krislee(sp?) beach in lilo-an. there was no ‘bingo’ event. first family-day event i attended that has no ‘bingo’ event. i don’t like to say that i’m now old but more of my kids are getting old because we now have ‘family day’ in our must-attend-events list.

we had to leave the family day early as we need to attend the 3pm business (as in emphasis on business. serious) seminar chuva at marco polo (again emphasis on marco polo because it means great food!). business seminar + marco polo = formal dress or at least decent presentable dress. and, unfortunately, the only dress i have is a maternity dress. =) but, kevs. hay, funny patethic to think that the closest i get to ‘fine dining’ is attending some seminar on a maternity dress. =)
the speaker was dr. bryan to of Carnegie Mellon University (it’s like if stanford is for google, cmu is for microsoft. it’s my own hasty generalization so free to correct me.) i’ll bore you with details regarding this on another post.
but we had to make an early exit, meaning i did not get to join the buffet! ggrrr because we had to go back home to brgy. nangka as we need to attend some homeowners association general meeting. i felt it’s so grown-up, i never realized there is such thing like house owners getting together talking about how to live in your community. aside from showing my support to our community, i went there to observe the human dynamics of our new neighborhood, in short ‘maki chismis.’ and, because of my being ‘chismosa,’ i ended up sleep deprived the following day because it’s already 12 midnight that i finally gave up and went home. i hope i did not miss on any juicy details. and, i realized that it’s been 1 year already that we lived here, and i love this place so i hope everything will turn out well for everybody. =)

from family day to business chuva seminar to HA meeting – i’m now a certified adult.