bata, bata, paano ka ginawa

yesterday afternoon, on the way home from gsis, there was this sort of ‘maalaala mo kaya’ drama on the taxi radio. the story was about a girl who fell inlove with a dvd shop owner. every day, the girl would go there and would buy the same dvd title from the this shop. so i asked migi to keep quiet so i could hear clearly as the drama got exciting, which was a bad idea. because it was then the part where the guy finally asked the girl on a date, and somehow they ended up in a motel. and, what girl and boy do in a motel but have sex. and, i thoght they’re just going to play sexy music to ‘represent’ the sex part. but no. they had moaning, groaning, and humping sound. i mean it’s just owkei. but i was with my overly conservative senior citizen mother and 4-year old son. there was awkward silence, and unfortunately i could not think of any smart thing to do to break the ice. and, it did not help that migi kept asking me, ‘unsa na, ma?’ (referring to the moaning sound over the radio)  

then, the driver commented that, ‘mamatay na sa cancer ang babaye.’ which, thankfully, somehow broke the awkwardness. and, yes, the girl died of cancer but not before she had sex. =)