talking like a fashionista

while waiting for mark to finish paying for his staffs at nike sale (nike has sale until this sunday at trade hall center but make sure you come very early because it’s jampacked), i went looking around the accessories display/bazaar at the other side of trade hall center in sm. i had no plan of buying because i really do not know how to accessorize, have no eyes on eyeing a good piece, i do not know how to match2x them, plus i find them useless (samok lang). my fashion style is minimalist. in short, i don’t have an inch of fashion sense in me. but then i spotted something not-the-usual stones/wood accessories. something about the hearts/stars/circles and colorfulness that i got attracted to it. it looks like a child’s work of art to me — something sunshiny/christmassy. and, they’re like made out of the junks found in my old boxes. whatevs! basta, i like it.

i bought 4 bracelets (P75/each), 3 for me and 1 for meg. =) the maker is ‘imagine nation.’ i asked the sales staff who the owner/designer is but i don’t quite get the name, something like joycelyn lim.