RED saturday; GREEN sunday

beautiful busy weekend =)

1. we celebrated, in advance migi’s 4th birthday on saturday. his real birthday is 08/10 which is a sunday. we had mini salo2x at home with his little uncles/aunts and cousins, and few relatives.

(thank you, nanay, for the car2x cake)

2. saturday night — mark and i attended another birthday celebration in grand convention. it was mama dita’s 60th birthday. she’s one of our wedding ninangs. she’s also one of mark’s ‘mothers,’ as he stayed in her house during his high school days in donbosco.
mama dita’s story is pang MMK. she raised her 7 children singlehandedly as her husband died when their youngest child was only 6 months. not only was she able to have her 7 kids graduated from college working as a public teacher, but she was also able to send/sponsor other kids to school. even if life was not that easy for her, she lives thru it gracefully, and no hint of bitterness in her.
hearing her talked a snippet of her life at that night made me feel like the most OA mother in the world. i only have half the number of her kids, but nagkayamukat na and sige pa reklamo. i had some ‘knock-knock’ moments that night.

(mama dita — the tallest one)

3, sunday — migi’s actual birthday. since we’re at the beach last sunday, we decided to go somewhere bukid. and, our bukid is always the transcentral highway. with no particular destination, we went up and saw KAN-IRAG NATURE PARK. i have to write it in bold capital letters because i was sooooo giddy giddy happy to know that, aside from manila memorial park and family park, finally cebu has a ‘new’ park. so ditch the malls, it’s time to be tree huggers. 
it’s located in ayala heights. i guess it’s developed by ayala (like duh). for that, i’d like to clap hands for ayala.

(first family picture ever. tenchu to the security guard)