of music boxes

i went thru our ‘kabans’ in badian looking for my baby pics. i did not find any, but i found shoeboxes of my trinkets way back in college. i had a thing of filling up shoeboxes with random little stuffs that meant something to me — like my crush’ cigarette butts, table napkins with notes, pictures of people, empty ballpens, orange stuffs, tiggers, gifts/cards from friends, etc. i wanted to go thru each item in the box, and just simply reminisce but i had no time. so maybe next time.

then, i found my casette tapes. though, a lot were already missing — like my michael jackson (big big fan of him back in elementary days.yay.), janet jackson, expose and others in this same line of music type.

most of the tapes that were saved are of rock/alternative/whateveryoucallit genre.

and, these. can you see jeremy jordan? i think he sang one of the BH90210 sound tracks. or, was he part of that show. basta cute siya for me when i was in grade 6.=)
and, most of all this

honest to goodness, i no longer can recall if i was a fan of the group. but i know i heart marco mckinley(sp?), one of the UMD. pero ngano naa man ko tape nila if i was not a fan?!? =)