mark’s first and my first time…

few times i posted some rants over mark’s always a little bit disastrous surprises.
i mentioned here the first ever surprise gift i received from him which was a computer speaker (how romantic is that?!?), which he gave to me on our first anniversary as ‘uyab.’
i guess he was pressured, at that time, to give me something because i gave him something first
but why computer speaker of all things?

so anyway, i found it together with other boxes when we were in badian. (this is like my nth post about badian. mini series na ni)
as in well-preserved, pang collector’s item na sya. =)
obviously, i haven’t used it. i had no computer back then.
even the message/dedication of ‘love’ is still saved, gihipos ug giampingan.
as in with great effort jud pagkasulat.
not so obvious nga dinalian or hapit na kalimti.

start bidding now! =)