lea salonga or sharon cuneta or jodie sta maria/carmina villaroel/claudine barreto

what do they have in common?
aside from being celebrity mothers, they’re all pimp.
they pimp milk formulas.
lea for enfakid.
sharon together with her 2 younger daughters for nido. (as in, does sharon really let her kids drink nido? si kc sad seguro noh?)
jodie, carmina, claudine for lactum.

actually, i’m in a delimma right now.
i used to be very loyal to lea salonga’s milk, the enfa series
but not until they slashed the content of their biggest can, from 1.8 kg to 1.6kg (P890+)
we consume 2 cans in a week, it’s like around P1800/week just for milks
so when they slashed down the content, that was the last straw, it’s time to say goodbye

so i switched to jodi’s/carmina’s/claudine’s milk which let me save almost P800 =)
the thing is migi and meg always have ‘kagid’
then someone told me that her son always have ‘kagid’ when using lactum so they change milk
migi and meg did not have ‘kagid’ before, so i guess milk matters
so my best option would be to go back to lea’s milk
but it’s too hard for me to let go of the P800 savings
especially now that prices for every thing are skyrocketing

i tried sharon’s before
before i gave birth to mat, i decided to go for nido (i was a nido kid)
but ‘suka/kalibang’ si meg, and migi only ‘kalibanga’ though
so when recently i saw sharon with miel and frankie all smiling pimping nido
i kind of entertain the thoughts of trying nido again (hay, the power of ads/media/sharon/kc over oto2x starstrucked rose)
which made me think, which is worse — kagid or suka/kalibang?!? =)

star light, star bright
lea, sharon, jodi/carmina/claudine, kuya eddie, please help me.