kumareng jodie sta maria/carmina villaroel/claudine barreto

i brought migi and meg to pedia yesterday for routinary check up. every thing’s good, except for the kagid. i brought up my milk theory to the pedia. and, she said, there’s no need to change milk. jodie sta maria/carmina villaroel/claudine barreto’s milk is okay. (well, any milk is okay.)

bottom line of the story is that ‘hugawan’ lang jud ako mga anak. =)
and, i’m blaming the milk for my being ‘unhygienic.’
so either, puston nako ako mga anak.
or, have them on house arrest.
which can be translated to just shoot me. (exagge na ha.)
but i’m not complaining, i’m thankful that it’s just ‘kagid’ and nothing worse.
and, my stingyness is also happy because no need to spend more on milk. =) –> i’m taking this statement back because i need to spend on antibacterial creams diay.