kan-irag nature park

kan-irag is the name of the mountain where the park is.
it’s in ayala heights. busay pa ba ng ayala heights?
entrance fee — P50 for adults, P20 for kids.
for now, you can bring food but they might be strict regarding ‘bringing food’ when they’ll have the grand opening by december.
anyhoo, according to the staff, it’s a 20 hectare park but for now, only 7.1 hectares were done yet.
the trail now is 1.4km, and was designed to be relaxing. 1.4km and relaxing?!? i guess it is, if you’re not carrying a baby all throughout the trail. but still, i love it.

migi and meg kept saying they’re diego and dora; mama is dora, papa is diego. =)

additional info from http://knseco.multiply.com/photos/album/80/Kan-Irag_Nature_Park_Inauguration, it’s supposed to be golf course but ayala instead developed a nature park. whatever are the ulterior motives of ayala, bow japon ko nila. =)

naning kaayo ko about this because it’s been for a long time i wished for a park, real park nga matugwayan sa akong mga hyperactive na mga anak. so ayala lands, thank you for granting my wish! =) ‘nuf said.