into badian

tomorrow, after migi’s class, we’ll head to my hometown badian then we’ll be back pro’lly by monday. i’m having mixed emotions about. i always love to go home, i’m excited about it. but just thinking about lugging 3 kids around, i already feel exhausted so help me God. =) but kevs, we’ll have fun!!! think happy thoughts, nature, water, and moments!

pics from our december 2006 vacation (dugaya na diay ani oy) — rare times that i’m not pregnant. =) this was in badian national high school, my childhood playground. my nanay was a teacher back then, and she’d tag me along when she’d go to school. then, i together with other teachers’ children would freely roam and rule the school grounds. i guess this is the reason why i always wish for parks and wide open spaces.

one eeky fun memory i had, during my childhood days, was that we’d collect dried ‘tae’ (feces) of cows, then we’ll decorate it with flowers making it look like cakes (if you had not seen dried cow’s tae, they look like ensaymada).