big thank yous

i want to post/write some thank yous to surprises we received from my dear friends who i have a long distance relationship.

1. first to helen for the stroller she sent all throughout from imperial manila. this is quite late posting since we have the stroller way back in march. =) my work/chikamate back at the previous company i worked for. we haven’t met presonally yet because we just work online at home. but i considered her one of my close friends. =) if ever we’re in the same office, i’d probably be hanging in her cubicle making chika. =)

2. then to my forever roommate tatz for the crocs. i was relating to her over facebook how distraught i was over meg’s lost crocs. the next thing i knew, she wired me some money to buy crocs for my kids. =)

basta naa na’y anak, wa na jud labot ang mama sa gifts. but still, i felt spoiled! =)