a very special love of mark

according to linus torvalds, ‘when geeks/nerds become focus on something, they overly focus. nerds talk on the phone to talk about the phone.’

i now consider mark a bike geek/addict because:
1. his week/day is not complete without bonding with his bike.
2. he records religiously his time/speed/distance every after biking. from biking around the subdivision, to climbing mountainsss (as in plural)
3. he plans that his next business would be bike shop.
4. he’d bring his family out to a place where he can bike.
5. he checks his celphone from time to time, hoping that a biker buddy would invite him for biking even in the middle of the night.
6. he has books about biking.
7. books are not enough, he read blogs about biking/from bikers, he watches biking videos daily
8. he checks online stores for biking stuffs, and worse buy them online.
9. every week, he bought a little of this and that gizmo
10. ykk become a household name. pro’lly the only store that could make him go to colon
11. he even goes to sale just to buy a biking outfit. (if you know mark, he does not like going to sales in mall kay daghan kuno tawo.) now he did not mind squeezing with other people during the nike sale just to get those quick dry shirts (is there such thing as quick dry shirt?)
12. and, then tell his car to not go broke because he no longer has budget for it
13. his bike has its own toiletries, ‘pasinaw,’ different sets of ‘trapo.’ and, he personally bike-wash it.
14. he now talks about lance armstrong. before i only heard that name from perezhilton.com.
15. when migi was asked what he will be when he grow up, he answered, ‘papa ko ig dako. bike2x ko sa bukid. palit ko higot (i think he’s referring to the bike chainlock).’

(hapuhapa og tarong, mark)