under-the-tree date

after school, migi would usually beg to stay longer in the school either to play in the playground, or eat together with other kids in their canteen. or, he would sometimes ask that we’d stop by at fooda para ‘lakaw lakaw’ (in his own words).

but last friday, his request was different. when we passed by the tree outside their school gate, he asked that we stay a little bit, and i asked why. which he answered, ‘lingkod lingkod.’ why not. so we sat under the tree for some time. =) little things, those little things that we forgot to take pleasure of because we’re either too busy or too deep into our adult crisis.

on a sidenote, migi got a 30/30 and 24/25 on his exams last week. i was happy but more of surprise and thankful that migi has indeed functional brains. =)