take 1, buy 2

last week, i went to sm to meet mark
and at the same time buy socks and more briefs for migi
because he was so furious when he found out that we put on his swimming trunks
as he ran out of clean briefs =)
because according to him, the trunks is ‘para ligo, para dagat, para swimming. di na school’

anyhoo, it happened that last week, sm was having ‘sale’
perfect time to buy some new stuffs for meg kay ‘diyot’ na tawn iya koleksyones (nalimtan si migi)
girls’ stuffs are just sooo uberly cute
hay, kalami naman di moundang og punit
i had no plans of buying any clothes for migi because he still has a few decent ones,
but then i thought ‘looy’ man sad migi magtan-aw ra sya ni meg trying on her new stuffs
so i picked one/two for migi
never mind mat because anyway di pa sya kasabot
but then there’s that heavy feeling na ‘looy’ sad ni mat oy
so i ended getting one/two for mat
from socks/briefs to few items for meg, another for migi, and for mat.
hayyy, ka faet aning nag uros2x ang kaanakan and you have limited resources!
tony boy cojuangco bank owner/unlimited credit limit, please marry me. =)

(threadless shirts, mark had to buy 3 also)