something new, something old

my celphone got broken weeksss ago
then it got lost
my kids play with it, and is nowhere to be found
i’m happy if the one who got it was able to make it work
but i’m sooo sad about losing my sim, my very 1st number 09176466398

i remember i was 1st year college when the celphone/text craze started
but that time, it’s like only the rich kids have it
it was when 5110 is like the ‘sikat’ model =)

i had my 1st celphone when everybody-has-one period
it’s more of necessity than coolness
my first phone was 3110 — it was 7t at that time. haha
then, my next phone was still 3110
and, then the 1100
the most basic, call and text, phone

so finally, i got a new ‘hi-tech’ phone when every one else has ‘hi-tech’ phone
thanks to judeebee for it
it got cam/music player/internet ready/and whatnot
it’s like bringing your entertainment/kitchen appliances showcases with you =)
but then i only got to figure out the cam feature
the rest of the features is like a 1,000-piece puzzle to me
i tried reading the manual to know the other features
but when the manual started saying ‘insert this, insert that…,’ i gave up
it’s just too much for my brain
then, i suddenly felt soooo old!
nabyaan na jud ko!

so i trade it with mark’s basic phone
now, i have a new old phone and a new number

if you care, i posted my new number in my profile page