nestle baby jar foods

last month, mat started with solid foods. so i’m looking for the nestle baby jar foods but fooda does not carry it. and, i had the chance to go to metro mandaue yesterday, but they don’t have it also. i checked the nestle phil website but it’s also not listed there (and, to nestle, a search bar/field in your site would be a big help). can they possibly phased out the product?

i prefer the nestle baby jar foods over gerber. because migi never liked gerber before. it was a big question mark to me why he did not like it while his cousin would only eat those gerber jar foods. so i tasted it, and yikes, gerber is soooo bland. i mean bland is okay since doctors would usually advise to start the babies with ‘tasteless’ foods. but gerber is over-the-top bland, like boring bland that eating it is such a torture. eeky eeky bland. and, it does not help that it has a weird texture. from then on, i never buy gerber jar foods.

with meg, i used the nestle brand. it’s cheaper (i guess), and tastes better. =)  so i’m looking for it again. in times that we don’t have a ‘homemade’ with love foodie for mamatin baktin, i can feed it to him instead.

nestle should send me with free 1 year supply of baby jar foods for bashing on gerber. =)

migi =)