ms chimay/mrs abroad

when i bring mateo for a stroll, few neighbors would ask me if i’m the ‘yaya,’ which i don’t take any offense because i’m really a ‘yaya’ to my kids. =) and, in fairness ‘sosyal’ man sad ni amo neighborhood yayas.

and, if they’d learn that i’m a stay-at-home mother, their immediate reaction is that my husband is abroad/seaman, which, in the farthest back of my mind, i kind of wish is true. can you see my eyes twinkling with $$$? =)

really, i could not blame them for thinking of me as a ‘yaya’ because, i guess, the usual, here in this neighborhood, is for both parents to be working. or, if the mother is not working, it’s usually because the father is working in another place/abroad/seaman.

even neighborhood kids would ask me if ‘mouli taga gabii ang papa ni migi, o naa barko iya papa?’ i know it’s cheap but i somehow get a picture about our neighbors’ lives from my kids’ playmates. =)

unsa may mas bagay — ms yaya or mrs abroad? hay, they just don’t know i’m the real mrs. tonyboy cojuangco. =)