from a kid’s mouth

jill (6-year old girl), my kids’ playmate, was here on an afternoon. since migi and meg were still asleep, she had a chat with ate mona and me about pregnancies. then ara mina with all her cleavage appeared on tv (ligaw na bulaklak was on tv at that time), jill ran to the tv and pointed at ara mina saying:

jill: naa na ni sya anak, ate noh. (referring to ara)
ate mona: wa pa oy.
jill: naa na lagi na sya anak:
me (curiosed if i missed on some showbiz chismis): ngano ka ingon man ka naa na sya anak?
jill: kay nagbitay man iya totoy.

we all broke to laughter. =) boobs don’t lie.