dreaming of ben & jerry’s ice cream

i just finished reading the book, Ben & Jerry’s: The Inside Scoop: How Two Real Guys Built a Business with a Social Conscience and a Sense of Humor.
and, i can’t help but ‘maglaway’ when the author keeps describing how chunky-filled their ice creams are
but that is according to the author who is a board member
so, is ben & jerry’s really that good?
according to the book, they rank #2 in US market, next to Haagen-dasz(sp?)
i tasted haagen-dasz once or twice
and, i didn’t find much difference in deliciousness with our local ice cream
i could even say, ours is much better but note that i only tasted haagen-dasz twice
basin parehas nya sa imported corned beef nga ‘bland’ but we’re delighted at it at the thought that it’s imported 

ben & jerry’s is not yet in the philippines (or, is it here already?)
but according to their site, the nearest place i can buy their ice cream from is either i’ll go to hongkong or singapore. oh well
someone tasted it? please tell me how it is
because if it’s that really good, to-die-for good, i’ll franchise it. =)

anyhoo, the book is good.
i won’t make a book review here because i totally suck at it
i know you can find lots of good reviews on the net about it
one thing is if you’d read this book, you’ll have second thoughts about haagen dasz — something they did to ben & jerry’s (secret)
if the book represents their ice cream, i’d definitely buy it over and over if and only if budget permits. =)