dolce tera tera dolce

before, i really did not understand why some of my aunts who have school kids would do some dance/presentation at some school program. i somehow promised to myself i would never put my kids in that kind of school. sorry to say but i really find it stupid. but what do i know, they have the last laugh because come this friday i will be doing some grinding right in front of my kid and his schoolmates to some tacky song with lyrics that goes something like ‘dolce tera tera dolce…

i don’t get what’s the value of parents dancing infront of their kids. is it to boost the kid’s confidence? or, burst it? =)

anyhoo, i accepted the dancing thingy already. i’m already old, and have too many kids ‘para magpalugit.’ but what i will never ever come to terms to is dancing in a ‘tube’ top outfit in a broad daylight. i don’t want to scandalize the audience! i don’t want to traumatize the childrens, and scarred them for life.

but, we just don’t know. =)