sorry. gym is full.

for those without kids, they gym i’m referring to is that toy. it’s called baby gym. =)
that’s what happens when you have lots of kids, wa ju’y magpalupig. that’s what you call ‘sharing.’

anyhoo, if ever you’re going to have a baby, i recommend that toy. price range from 300-thousands. =) naay barato sa super metro mandaue. =) i no longer find cheap ones in the malls.

this makes a great substitute on times that you really get bored talking in singsung voice, making faces to your baby, or performing any acrobatics stunt just to entertain your baby.

also if you want to extend some sleep and you’re baby is up, you can simply place it on top of him, and voila instant entertainment for the baby. you can have 5-15 min of snooze. =)

there’s another version of this, the one that has mat underneath it (just google it, and you know what i mean). i don’t highly recommend it because it takes a lot of time assembling it, plus it takes space when storing. =)

yay, talking like a pro mama. =)