first day of school was close to perfect
meg was not crying/tantrums as her attention was diverted by ate mona
mat was asleep when we left
migi was excited
we thought we were 1 hour early so we went to liloan and stop at jollibee to kill time
but actually we were late since migi’s class sched was moved to 10am instead of 11am
but nothing biggy
i think his teacher is great
she was able to convince migi to let go of me in minutes
so i was just staying in the ‘tambay’ area the whole time
i find a mother chatmate who happens to be a neighbor also
but there’s always the but
the unexpected party pooper
everything is going fine except that they are only 2 pupils in the class — migi and another boy
unsaon na lang kon moabsent ang 1 =)
i felt like picking up migi and walk away and find another school right away
this can’t be happening
i want to see lots of kids (i guess i was used to the public schools i grew up to)
hay, how come when everything seems to be perfect, a spoiler will just pop out of nowhere
anyhoo, i’m no longer sad. you know, there are lots of kids not in school and here i am whining over nonsense issue

as the panda bear and his masters would say, ‘there’s no such thing as accidents.’
i console myself with the thought that there must be greater reasons why this happens
demmit dapat lang jud!

it looks like migi loves his school, and is excited (though it’s just his 2nd day) about it
that’s what matters most =)
and, sure na nga whatever happens, 2nd honor na jud sya! =) hehehe
i-laminate jud nako ang iya ribbon!