monday blues

last thursday, migi was given an assignment. friday was no school because of ‘frank.’
but we only made the assignment this morning, right before going to school.
talking about cramming. i’m starting early in teaching my kid the art of cramming.

but it’s not about cramming i’m having problems.
it’s migi’s ‘you-can-not-tell-me-what-should-i-do,’ or stubbornness/hardheadedness in short, is driving me crazy.
his assigment was to color the 4 objects with specific color (red, blue, yellow, orange).
i guess their lesson is about ‘colors.’ (obviously, rose!)
but he insisted on just coloring all the objects with red!
which is such a bad day starter
because we ended up having some kind of mind/psycho war
i don’t wan’t to give in to him coloring all the objects red
though i find nothing wrong in coloring them all red but i just don’t want to be defeated with some little yungit boy
and, he won’t give in also to what i want, simply, because he is migi

i hate mondays
i hate migi’s attitude
i don’t know how many times i whined in here about migi’s attitude
i sometimes think that it’s best for the two of us na molayas ang usa namo, for his wellness, and my sanity.
positive/negative reinforcements won’t work on him
i need to be a madcrying woman just to get his attention
and, the occassional ‘kusi’ if things get uglier
and, it’s sooo emotionally/mentally/spiritually draining controlling yourself not to resort to yelling/kusi but still you end up resorting to it

i hate assignments/homeworks
i hate the school (i cannot hate the teacher) for the instruction it gave on its assignment
why cannot they just let the kid choose the color he wants to use