meg’s name game

from time to time, i’d mention to meg that kuya migi will soon go to school, while she has to stay home, so that she will be prepared about the changes. of course, any thing that smells ‘suroy,’ di magpalupig si meg. she would insist that she too will go to school, and would throw tantrums. to appease her, i’d tell her she can go to school if she can perfect the answer to the ‘what-is-your-name’ drill. she’s ‘yungit’ so i know she could never perfect it.

me: what is your name?
meg: esh esh (esh refers to ‘is’ in ‘my name is…. i think ‘esh’ is the only word she could pronounce from the whole phrase.)

so i let her follow after me:
me: my name
meg: ma nem esh
me: margaret
meg: meggg
me: mar ga ret buenconsejo
meg: meggg ‘conseso
me: di man ‘meg.’ margaret man imo tinood name.
again again – this time syllable by syllable..
me: mar
meg: ma
me: ga
meg: ga
me: ret
meg: wet
me: margaret
meg: meggg
me: margaret lagi.
meg exasperated: ‘di mao baby. meg lang. (dili kamao si baby – referring to her. meg na lang.)

that ends the argument. we really have issues about what-is-your-name in this house.
lesson of the story for me: if i had known i’m going to have a yungit kid, i should just have given her a simple name, like as boring as ‘rose.’ (no offense to those named rose)