kung fu panda

we watched kung fu panda yesterday.
fun fun fun cute cute cute movie.
but half part of the movie, migi and meg were taking turns saying ‘uli na.’ ggrrrr
sorry to the nearby moveigoers nga gisamokan sa akong mga anak
i sooo like the movie so i bribe them with any thing under the sun that i can think of just so we could finish the movie.

any way, the line from the movie that stuck with me is
‘there’s no such thing as accidents.’
referring to panda bear’s ‘accidental’ appointment as dragon warrior

i don’t know what to make out of the line
but it made me think about my kids as sometimes i refer them as ‘accidents’ as they’re all unplanned (they just pop out of nowhere. hehehe)
i think about things i regret
the what ifs
the not-so-good decisions
the unexpected blessings
the people who came to our lives

i no longer know how to end this because i’m still thinking what does the line really means
‘there’s no such thing as accidents.’ =)