the birthday that was

my birthday was on a sunday.
it’s our jollibee-breakfast-and-leftover day since it’s ate mona’s off.
no one can cook. i mean no one likes to cook.
i know how to cook but i’m such a slow ‘cooker.’
a pancit will take me 3 hours or more.
so 3 hours plus 1 kid who’d any time cry for me, and 2 kids always on world war xx = mahuman na lang ang adlaw, wa pa naluto ang pansit.
i’d rather have less stress/hasol than pansit.

it was family day here in subdivision so i did not really have an activity-less day.
we attended the mass.
there were games which i’d like to join, para pamugasay unta, but then what i saw were kids lining up for them. shesh
my heart was broken.
mark was happy because there’s no need for him to look after the kids.

so my day went just like any other day
shagit diri, shagit didto
pa totoy diri =)
pinatyanay pugos ni migi og kaon
put the kids to nap (hay, thank you, Lord, ka multiply na jud ko.)

to save the day, i joined the bingo event at night.
i brought migi and meg with me.
no mark because he’s anti-social.
so i have 10 bingo cards and 2 hyper kids to watch.
after few games, i gave up.
it became stressful instead of fun.
because i had to multitask — watching 10 cards, and in between, i need to scan the crowd/playground for my kids to check if they are still intact — no broken bones.

anyhoot, it was a happy pansitless birthday!!!
until next birthday which will no longer be on a weekend =)