playing favorite

before i have kids, i could not quite grasp the meaning/of how it is to be a daddy’s/mommy’s girl/boy, sibling rivalry and such because i’m an only child. in family tagalog movie dramas which have themes like these, mothers would always say that they love all their kids equally. i thought that mothers would only say that because they do not want to hurt the other kids. but now that i have 3 kids, i can say that what they are saying is true.

i guess one of the downsides (or it can be viewed as a positive thing) of having many kids is that there are times that you need to prioritize one kid over another, and you cannot avoid that one has to take a backseat. like migi’s/meg’s issues need to wait since mateo had to be outed and all.

migi and meg have different personalities — meg is bubbly easygoing while with migi, i’m tiptoeing (any time, he might explode). thus i give more attention to migi as he can be ‘looran.’ he is a bit of attention-seeker. while meg can survive without any one always applauding on her.

in my case, there are times that i would give more attention to one kid it’s because that kid needs my attention, undivided attention, at that moment.

now that i have kids (as in plural), it makes me think if do i have a favorite kid. =)

yes, i do — my favorite kid is whoever is the lesser monster at the moment. =)