may 18 – my day

happy birthday, rose!!!
i used to be shy about having people know about my birthday. (like i’m so feeling popular noh)
but i realized who cares.
what’s the big deal if every body knows it’s my birthday. =)
i’ll be 27. OA na mag tago2x sa birthday.
if we are ka-friendsters, you probably get an email alert about my birthday.
jobstreet already sent me a birthday email. it’s so thoughtful of their autosystem.

thank you for all your greetings and thoughtfulness! =) (yes, i’m forcing you to greet me — in advance, on time, or belated. you can add some churvaness msg like ‘she’s really such a great friend’ even if we’re not friends; just like how they do it in ASAP or SOP when they have some birthday celebration. and then i will cry hearing/reading ur msgs just like those showbiz personalities do.)

(it’s not the missing link. it’s i.)