for the first time in my whole beautiful life, i won in some raffle. unilever has some promotional gimik running in fooda where when you buy P200 worth of their selected products (ponds, sunsilk, lipton, etc), you get the chance to pick the prize from their fishbowl. if you get the jackpot word, you will only pay P1 for all the purchases you made together with the 200-worth unilever products.

and, i did get the ‘jackpot!’ so i only get to pay P1 for my P900+ purchase (if i just knew, i would have dump cans and cans of milk into my basket!). but still i’m high up to heavens happy! i’m happiest at the thought that i do have luck somewher over the rainbow. i did nothing, and i got something; what more if i work hard on something, then it must be a bigger jackpot! and, this applies to all of us. =)

i bought 2 boxes of pizza for the cashier, bagger, and the other staffs, who cheered on me, since i promised them that if ever i got the jackpot, i’d treat them. =)

for finale, they took a picture of me for some documentation, i guess! so i pose modelling the sunsilk i bought. i guess that was the biggest jackpot. =)