i’m drug addict =)

aside from being pregnant, the only thing that could make me go to a doctor is toothache. it started sunday night, i popped a pain reliever and thought that i would wake up toothacheless but i was wrong; the right side of my face was swollen. i mean my face already looks swollen because of my fats but there’s that extra heavy swell and that ‘ngolngol’ kind of pain.

so i went to my OB on monday. i made my OB an all-around kind of doctor. i’m ashame to go to a dentist because it’s been ages i had my last ‘teeth cleaning.’ =) also, i went to my OB first so she could prescribed me anti-biotics that is breastfeeding friendly, and some painkillers.

i’m not a painkiller meds fan but the ‘ngolngol’ makes me extra sensitive. i’m easily irk with my kids’ mess, their loud noise, their unreasonable demands, their nonsense fights that i easily snapped out on them which makes my blood boils which in turn added to the ‘ngolngol.’ enough of my masochism, so i pop painkiller pill after pill. =) it makes me a happy mother with a swollen face.

i guess one positive thing this toothache brought is that i’m forced to go on a diet. i’d been on oatmeal since monday. i’m scared of sweets. and, i’m still fat; no, make it obese. =) but i notice my milk production kind of slow down which is bad… really bad. i cannot afford to lose my breastmilk yet.

if by tomorrow, i’m still in pain, i’m going to a dentist, the first dentist i could find here in ‘lacion. and, strap myself to ‘that chair’ (how you call thier chair that goes up and down?) and have him/her pull out my tooth/teeth — i’ve been playing this scene in my head, again and again, every time the painkiller’s effect is gone and the ‘ngolngol’ is back.