good moral and right conduct (gmrc)

i do not know if i have the authority to talk about discipline because i don’t think i am disciplined. but i have not much choice but i need to ‘discipline’ my kids which leads to the question if my ‘disciplining’ is right.

in my time as a disciplining mother, i noticed that when you discipline/scold kids, their reactions can be:
A. sulod sa usa ka dunggan; lusot sa pikas dunggan.
B. i know it is wrong but i will try and try again until i learn the lesson the hard way.
C. when the cat is away the mouse will play. i will not do it again when you are watching. what mama does not know will not hurt me. =)
D. i will never do it again. instead, i will do the right thing. meaning, you’re baby is such an angel.

meg is A and B.
migi is A, B and C.
and, i am all of the above. =)
i hope mateo is D. but orange will never bear apples. =)

how about you, are you A, B, C, D or others? don’t tell a lie. =)

(they’re having fun. meg is enjoying what migi is doing to her.)