i was switching channels on TV when ‘We have autism,’ a feature about autism, was shown on cnn. (april is autism month) autism is something close to my heart because i have a cousin and other relatives who are autistic. and it’s sort of an urban legend, that autism runs in our family though it’s not yet proven that genetics can cause autism. it’s thought, in our family, that every 2nd generation, an autistic will appear. though my kids’ is not yet the ‘2nd generation,’ but it did not save me from being really scared that i could have one (God forbid).

autism, i guess, is still a mystery. until now the true cause is not yet pinpointed. as i said they considered genetics but they have not proven that autism can be inherited.

they mentioned that some autistic kids are born normal. but something ‘triggered’ them to be autistic.  what is the ‘triggering’ factor is also still a msytery. it was mentioned in the show that ‘vaccines’ were speculated to be one of the ‘triggers.’ but they said that it cannot be because mercury has long been removed from all the vaccines except for ‘flu vaccine.’ it was not my first time to hear/know about vaccines being linked to autism, it’s mentioned a lot in parenting/mommy blogs but i just brushed it off because medical specialists said there is no truth behind it. and, you know, all people are at one time got vaccinations, right? but hearing that flu vaccine has mercury kind of alerted me  because i’m a big fan of flu vaccine.

placebo effect or not, my kids do not get sick easily which i attributed to might be because of the flu vaccine. so every year, as early as march/april, i have my kids shot with it. because as much as possible i want to avoid sick kids because it’s not fun especially when it’s migi who gets sick because he will NOT take any meds. imagine dealing with puking, crying, cleaning and all! really really stressor! so as simple as fever, we need to resort to suppository(? inserted to his bobot) to bring down his temperature.

last tuesday, i brought migi to his pedia for a check-up, and we’re advised to come back this monday for a follow-up and he could have his flu vaccine. after watching the feature on cnn, i’m now apprehensive of having the flu vaccine for my kids (flu shot is only for kids 6months and up according to the pedia’s secretary). though they said that there is no truth behind it, i cannot help to think that there might be an eeny weeny truth behind it. so i will talk to the pedia first about it. and if ever she could convince me (again) that flu vaccine is owkei then most pro’lly, we’ll have it this month.

an article about vaccine and autism . i will not google about it because i don’t want to be scared more.

how about you, to flu shot or not? =)