nakaw na pag-ibig

my internet time is only pa kawat2x.
mark tricked me to think that my old desktop was broke so he can pack it and take it away because it’s taking up much space in our doll house. =)
the only time i can sneak going online is when he’s home because his pangkabuhayan showcase, computer, is also home.
but it’s never the same with my noisy desktop.
i can no longer take my time enjoying the moment, savor every post here in multiply. it’s the only adult interaction i have at home.
before, when i read each post in multiply, it’s like melting first the oreo in my mouth before swallowing it. it’s like i’m making chika2x with friends over some overpriced coffee which name i cannot pronounce. =) but i no longer can do that coz time is limited plus any time a baby will be crying for me.
and i miss posting my thoughts/chismis because i’m having a hard time putting them into words when i’m not using my own computer.
so until now i haven’t seen the video of janjan in the newspaper/danilo in abscbn. on the other side of the rainbow, i also have no plan of watching it. =)