is a site where mothers can posts their random feelings/thoughts/blahblah. if you do not have a kid, i do not think you can relate to it.

anyhoo, my randomness. been watching a lot of tv since i rarely can access the net:

* i realized that i have some ADD (attention deficit disorder) because whole time i’m watching, i’m always switching channels starting from channel 72 down then back. i don’t have the patience to finish a movie or a show unless it really interests me.
* i always check channel 48. this is a shopping channel. this is one of the channels where i can stay longer. i do not know why. it’s the channel where it sells those airbed, slimming chuva, and that girdle which i’m itching to buy. they always have this special price offer for the products which they say is only available for a limited time which up to now is still on offer. i wonder when will the ‘limited time’ end — i guess this is the reason why i always check on them.
* myx and mtv are also channels i frequent too. it’s because we do not have am/fm radio. i saw this urbandub music video, i do not catch the title of the song, which i find quite morbid. in the video, the guy killed the lover of his gf, i guess, and then left the girl bleeding til it dies (not sure). but really, quite morbid for my taste.
* maybe it’s just i, but i find songs by most of pinoy alternative/rock bands kinda sound like eresaherheads. i mean it looks like eraserheads greatly influenced them maybe.
* i saw ‘pauldo,’ guitarist of frank, interviewed in RCTV (we got you covered!) channel. i’m a big fan of frank. ‘nuf said. at the end of the interview, paul and franco sang a song. they’re still good, even better!
* still in rctv, i saw a batchmate in college in a show, ‘perfect day.’ perfect day show is like some make-over show where they make ducks into swans. =) they then gave a date to my batchmate at the end of the show. ‘nuf said.
*still in rctv, they feature how to play ‘guitar’ on wii. i don’t get it. i mean why do they have to feature how to play wii. duh!
* wednesday, since kids were early to bed, i sneaked out to watch AI so i’d see that ‘always be my baby’ david cook, but mark came home early and told me what i was watching has no value. gggrrrrr!!! of all the days he has to be home early.
* last friday, tv news still contains janjan/danilo. lots of thoughts in my head but i’d rather keep them there because i think they’re just too righteous.
* that singing bee, new show in abscbn hosted by cesar montano, is screaming boring.
* channels i memorized. 19 – cartoon network, 35 – nick, 37 – disney, 10 -abscbn, 08-gma, 48 – that shopping channel, 36 – rctv, 46/47-myx/mtv. i know natgeo is close to cartoon network, and so is discovery to nick/disney. where is the value? =)

really, my purpose here is to keep my mind off of our neighbor’s garden. i’m so guilty!
(they’re still not home; i hope they go on a summer vacation!)