dear neighbor

i hope you do not notice that your manicured lawn is messed up. if ever you do, please accept my sincere apology. somehow your garden caught the fancy of my kids. your little yellow flowers look so cute that they want to know how it feels to stump on them. then, they weed out the stones you nicely arranged because they thought it’s ugly, and they thought it’s fun to throw them away. i’m so sorry for the bald patches in your garden.

anyhoo, i already put back the stones but sadly i do not know how to bring back those cute little yellow flowers. also, my kids already received a good spanking.

so now i’m still up waiting for you to arrive, thinking if i should say sorry now or wait for tomorrow. or maybe i should just forget saying sorry, forget it ever happened. any way, it can be other kids who did it. or, it can be some cats scratching your garden. or, it could be the rain. o Lord, please make it rain harder so that it would look like the rain messed up my neighbor’s garden.

a very responsible mother

(meg climbing another neighbor’s gate. not the the one they messed up.)