what’s-your-name game

not until migi started applying for pre-schools i came to realize that learning what’s-your-name/how-old-are-you/how-are-you has importance. migi knows the answers to these q’s but the problem is he does not like to play along with this kind of conversation/talk. if you’d ask him, ‘what’s your name?’ he’d usually reply with, ‘ayaw na name,’ or just simply snob you. oh well, what do you expect — migi always makes simple things complicated. so i just let it go, like migi will not die if he will not give out his name or age, right?

so fastforward, being asked at the previous school that turned him down, ‘what is your name?’ my ‘brilliant’ kid shot back, ‘ayaw na name.’ then later, after attempts of trying migi to talk, he told the psychometrician, ‘go home na migi.’ thus he got a ‘no IQ’ assessment.

moving forward again, i had contacted 2 schools asking what’s their admission process, and they always had an ‘interview’ stage. gawd, interview – meaning they would ask ‘what’s-your-name’ kind of stuffs. major problem!

i guess i have not much choice, though i find it so corny and so over, i have to make migi learn to play along with what’s-your-name routine. so i tried different ways on  how to get him say, ‘my name is miguel buenconsejo’ when asked his name. and, i’m only successful if i’d blackmailed/threatened not giving him ‘titi’ (milk) when he asks for one. hay my migi, why you always make things difficultly complicated?

ps. already found a school for him. and, he got accepted without answering ‘what’s your name?” how did it happen? thanks to MIL. now i know how mark got into that special yellow pad in registrar’s office. =)