first timer baby and mama

i always think that baby boys are difficult, and girls are tutti frutti sugar sweet. it was a big surprise to me when mateo, baby #3, is such an easy kid — like he sleeps without a lof of fuss, cries when hungry/wet then sleeps back after feeding/changing diaper.

with migi, i was like zombie for the first few months. he’s like:
– nursed/breastfeed for an hour
– after he’s done with bfeed, looked asleep, put him down
– then he’d cry
–  picked him. danced/rocked for him 30 mins then finally fell asleep. (before, he won’t sleep until we rocked/danced him. even when we travel, i had to get down from the car to put him to sleep.)
– finally, i’d be able to put him down sleeping
– after 30 mins, just when i entered deep sleep, there he’d go again screaming wanting another round of bfeed!
repeat 24/7. not to mention he’s a puke machine. and when he puked, it’s like puking out all his guts.

migi constantly wanted to be carried so i barely can do other things. every thing is quickie for me — my eating time, my poopoo/weewee time — because any time, he’d be screaming and crying for reasons God-only-knows! not the silent type of crying, the all-out/i’m-dying kind of cry that would make you jump.

there were times that i’d love to throw him out of the window, and strangle the father who won’t bother to wake up and take turn in pacifying the baby, the father who thought that his responsibility ended after paying the hospital bills.

then came meg. meg was the total opposite of migi. she slept through the night, and even during day time. i would even had to wake her up to feed her.

that’s then i generalized that boys are difficult, and girls are just sweet and lovable! so when i did not know yet my baby #3’s gender, i wish to have a girl.  but then it’s a mateo. so i prepared myself to enter the zombie land again. but then, totally surprised that mateo has been very good. so my stereotype/theory, that baby boys are difficult, has been proven wrong.

so if my theory (baby boys are difficult) is wrong, it makes me wonder why i was having a hard time with migi. is he by nature a difficult infant? or is it because i was an inexperienced mother? or both? (sabotable ba?)