lozada who?

the latest buzz is lozada but i know nothing about him so i’ll just blahblah about something more sensible to me.

*that ai-ai delas alas’ son sancho has a different father. it’s not miguel vera, but from a different married guy. i thought all 3 of her kids are from that singer miguel vera.

* that angel locsin has a hummer(sp?). a black hummer — i thought hummer only comes in yellow color. gawd, she must be filthy rich with a very bad acting (sourgraping here. but really, just had a glimpse of her in lobo, and her acting is OA ha. i always believe that it’s miko’s death that made her popular. owkei, enough enough. obvious na ayo nasuya ko!) but really, i don’t know how much a hummer is so duh.

source: Yes magazine feb08 issue.

the cover story of their feb issue is ruffa mae quinto’s past boys. but nothing interesting, only that she claimed she’s never a player/cheater. with the so many boys she mentioned, i don’t know if i would still believe her. =)