love offering

from zach & martimimi offered her kids’ ‘tinubuan’ to me. of course, who am i to refuse? =) i was so surprised they’re that many many many. we’re now good for six months — really quite a lifesaver. they’re more than enough. i don’t know if mahurot ni’g sul-ob ni barakiel. =)
more chino pino… but this time a whiter crispier chino pino… =)
i noticed mimi changed the strings to buttons of the tops/shirt. wow, super mom! i always suggest to have those buttoned shirts instead of those strings/hikot2x. if you have a very hyperactive kid, tying the string can be a lot of effort.
we’re now fully loaded. =) ning-awas na ang love box! =)
mimi and kids, tenchu tenchu for filling up baby baks’ kaban. =)