i quit

so i quit my job of almost 2 years. i want to betch about it but it’s not fabulous thing to do because i’ll just appear bitter. (bitter ba ko? hehehhe.). and, it’s not gonna contribute to world peace.

looking back, my past companies/jobs were:
1. field researcher aka recruiter/salesman — my 1st job after college graduation was with AGB Phil. if you’re familiar with the ‘network ratings war,’ then you know what AGB is. it was not AGB Nielsen before. AGB and AC Nielsen were competitors as tv rating providers then AGB or Nielsen bought the other one whatever. 

just seeing the ‘field researcher’ on the job ad was such like WOW to me so off i rode a bus to the city and lined up for it. but you know how companies spice up your job title. to cut the story short, the only ‘research’ part of my job is going around cebu city, mandaue city, lapulapu city, and then carcar to ‘search’ for subjects/panels who will agree to be source of the tv ratings. 8 hours/day, 7days/week, rain or shine, i’m literally on the road/eskinitas walking, and knocking doors of different households from A to E asking them to be part of the ‘research.’ it was fun at start but as days went by you get tired of ‘pabaga’g nawong’ and getting rejection after rejection. plus the danger and hazard of the work — 1 workmate of mine was bitten by a dog, another fell into a mini manhole which gave her ‘kagid.’ thank God, nothing bad happen to me. but anyhoo, wa may trabaho nga easy lang.

the tv rating was not popular at that time so people always had this big doubt in their face. just to convince people, we had to resort to sales/acting skills — from acting like some intellectual bigwig, to have the ‘looy’ look, to talking like some religious pious, to bribing, and even flirting.

we just don’t know, basin nakaanha na ko sa inyo. =) one of the things i gained from that work, i became a ‘walking map,’ and that i realized that mandaue city has the worst zoning (just my opinion though).  i only lasted there for 3 months. i had to quit because my nanay then had a stroke and had to take care of her. but really, i doubt if i would last 6 months there.

2. CSR – after my stint as pt/ot to my nanay, it was then callcenters started here in cebu. callcenter job fairs back then were like some sinulog event — in-ana kadaghan sa tawo naglinya. anyhoo, i never get to a callcenter company. i ended up in a bpo/outsourcing company, OSI. i then worked for the Xlibris account. before xlibris owner put up a company/office here, they outsource some of their jobs here – formatting, editing, cover designs, etc, then the customer support. i was the 1st CSR here in cebu at that time (wa’y mokontra!).

3. Post-Publication Representative/Marketing — then Xlibris finally opened their office here. i was still a CSR but they just gave me/us a different job title, Post-publication representative. then months before i quit, they moved me to the marketing department because they reliazed that some of the tasks i did were for marketing.

all in all, i guess i worked 2 years + for xlibris.

4. CSR again — for another company, and this time it is home-based. it sounds easy but with 2 kids around, really it’s not that comfy and easy as wearing pajamas kind of work. but then again, wa’y trabaho nga sayon! =)

looking at the 4 jobs i had, they’re all customer support related, so i guess it’s time to move on to a different field/level. something that is world-peace related, some angelina jolieish kinda effect, or oprah winfrey kinda, or rosa rosal in the local level.

seriously, i’m thinking about business. i never find my self to be in business but then i’m planning going off from the corporate world/slaveworking for 2 years to take care full time(???) of my kidsss. after 2 years, i’ll be 29 — meaning i’m already off the 21-28 years old with pleasing personality bracket! so i have not much choice but to employ myself.

business ideas please come to me! =) or, maybe i can be an artist… =)