name game

my 3rd baby’s big day is near but i still have nothing final for his name yet. following are my thoughts:

1. Barachial — this is the first name that pops up when i think about names for my baby #3. barachial is a saint, which i only knew of when i went to simala. but when i google it, i do not find barachial. but i find ‘Barachias‘ — i guess i do not remember the name well. when someone asks me about what name i will have for my baby, and told them barachial, all of them would say ‘no!’ what could be my baby’s answer? =)

2. Ruby — because of ruby on rails. ‘nuf said. but honestly, i do not like it.

3. Maximus — because of Gladiator movie. but i no longer like M-starting names. 3 m’s in the family is enough.

i no longer can think of any other names.