my OB’s pov

my OB is 60+ years old, and most of all she is single — meaning she never has a kid therefore she never has experienced giving birth. quite ironic to think of. and, i just knew about it when i was about to give birth to migi — late na para moatras. =)

some conversations i remember with her that i find funny and sometimes unbelievable but still  i believe her:

me: doc, unsa may ika recommend nimo nga pangbuntis na milk (i was referring to enfamama, anmum, etc)?
ob: any ordinary milk will do. marketing ra ng mga gatasa.

on gaining weight
me: doc, kahinanglan nako mag diet? unsa man ako diet dapat?
ob: wa man tika gipa diet. just have every thing on moderation.
(so moderate for me is eating and eating and eating and eating.)

on vitamins
me: doc, 1 ra ako vitamins. wala na lain?
OB: usa lng. di man sad na maayo ang daghan kaayo nga vitamins sa baby. basta eat the right kind of food.

on ultrasound. note that she works in xxxxx hospital. i guess she heads the OB department. she teaches in school of that hospital. i guess you all know what hospital i’m referring to.
me: doc, pwede diri lang ko sa xxxxx magpa-ultrasound.
ob: ayaw lagi diri sa xxxxx kay di reliable. nindot amo equipment pero di man reliable ang mobasa.
(she highly recommends co-ebao-blahblah who has clinic in maria cristina bldg, where rosita’s fuente is before. pero super taas ang linya! with migi, all my ultrasounds were done there. with meg, biopath nako. with this #3, cupsi nako (the one in maternity).)

on coffee:
me: doc, graveyard ra ba ako work sched. moinom ra ba ko kape para makamata. owkei ra na?
ob: you can drink up to 6 cups of coffee a day.
(waaahhh… i told a coffeeholic pregnant workmate about this so she would not feel bad about coffee, and she would just not believe it. hehehhe)