my bloody type

SOP for c-section operation is blood reserve(whatever is the term). last time with meg, there was some problem because the 2 bags of blood we prepared did not match with my blood. i was scheduled for operation at 8am, but it was only around 4pm where i was finally sent to the operating room. my OB took the risk of slicing me without any blood reserve because no type a+ blood samples match my blood. thus, reason #xxx why this will be my last ever pregnancy!

i was already drained and dead tired when i was wheeled into the OR, after 8 hours of waiting without food plus all those things inserted to you since 8am plus i was busy texting people asking whoever has a blood type a+ plus entertaining relatives/friends who came over offering their blood which unfortunately either they were not a+ or they did not qualify. reason #xxx why i’ll have ligation(sp?) na jud.

fastforward, my OB decided we’ll do some crossmatch tests now to check if the incompatibility will still happen. in case we’ll still have the problem, we’ll just extract blood from me but this will be the very last resort. really, if i have an option, i’m willing to have my blood sucked than go thru the hassle of looking for some blood samples. i was given the order last week but unfortunately, i did not get any type a+ blood segment to use for crossmatching. i went to red cross, cebudoc, chonghua, perpetual, contacted seamen’s hospital — they all do not have my blood type. reason #xxxx again why ever this will be my last pregnancy!

i then check my relatives who can be my prospect donors. i realized that most of my uncles (my nanay is the only girl) are in far far away land. 1 just came home from africa but has history of malaria — erase erase. i have another prospect uncle but is in badian and i know he’s very busy so i won’t bother him. so move on to my cousins.

so yesterday, off i went to velez with my cousin to have him bloodtyped. yay, he’s ab. arrggghhh! reason #xxx to have ligation – wa nako’y paryenteng kakuhaan og dugo!

luckily, velez has type a+ yesterday but was reserved by a patient. but they can just get a blood segment just for crossmatching purposes. but the medtech on duty nicely suggested that they have a medtech intern who is type a+ and is willing to be a donor. shyet, ka owaw sad oy! here i am asking a total stranger if we could have some of her blood. really, it was total awkward but i have not much choice. i could sense that the donor was kind of awkward about the situation too. but she was nice and pretty. shy and pretty must be typical a+ people. =) and, her nameplate says she is melissa. to melissa, tenchu tenchu tenchu. =)

the medtech who assisted me turned out to be mark’s cousin, i think 2nd degree. not related to the story but at least eases the tension/awkwardness i felt about the whole thing.

later later today i will get the results. =) not sure unsa ang result pero sure na jud ko mag pa ligate!!! sayang ang genes though.. =) hehehe