last laugh is mine

and i soooo hate it. mark john aka my husband is now on multiply — the person who always has the what-a-waste-of-time look every time he catches me on multiply. big hahaha. but also a major gggrrrr. di nako feel. naa nako karibal. di nako kalibak niya!

i did not accept his invitation because i do not want him to see my posts right in his My Contacts, and i also do not want to see his posts. and, most of all i do not want his posts to get any nearer to my contacts. his posts that might ruin my uberfabulousness image. =) but of course, unknowingly he accepted his own invitation for me. duh duh duh.

to my ‘dear avid fans,’ i’ll be hibernating from posting for a while, i’ll let my ‘bana’ do the talking for some time until ‘mapul-an’ sya. i hope it’ll be soooooonnnn. nepotism is bad for the business (sense?of course, nonsense) i cannot beat him in this thing as he has the better access and connection to the internet and all.

and, yes, new year 2008! i know we all have the bests coming in!!! let’s not forget to share them =)