it’s a sign that i need to get a real life

when i meet and know my neighbor via the internet. (really, unsaon diay tood pag ila-ila sa imo mga silingan?) this week, i learned that one of the owner of the blogs i follow on is a neighbor of ours. i never thought people in my new neighborhood care much about the internet (owkeis, that was a joke!). anyhoo, she posted the following on her blog. by the way, she’s an eye doctor and i like reading some snippets about her life as a doctor thus i check her blog from time to time.
the place in the pic just looks sooooo effin (like that effin word) familiar. so i messaged her if she lives where i live, and she said yes blahblahblah and follows a series of messages. then, i realized,  looking at the pictures she posted of herself in her blog, that she’s one of the HA board members. she asked me once if i have a blogsite, i did not reply. manlibak nya ko about our place… =)

now i have 3 neighbors that i know their name of — the couple across our house plus the doctor. =) basin naa pa ko lain silingan diri. =)