surprise christmas gift

two days before christmas, mark’s surprise for me arrived. it’s actually not a christmas gift, but it arrived too late, making it in time for Christmas. and, i guess this is my 1st ever christmas gift from him.

IT’S A SURPRISE FROM MARK, that thought itself is a surprise. and, if it’s a surprise from mark, the only nice/happy thing about it is that self-absorbed creatures, like mark, have still thoughtfulness within them for other people.

my gift, the belly belt. i got not only 1 but 2 of this ‘great invention’ which he ordered from this weird named online shop (indicated on the shipping address).
the picture explains itself. =)

i’m sooo happy with him being thoughtful. call me ungrateful/heartless, but there are just so many wrongs about this…
1. of all the things, why this?
2. does he know how many months i’m pregnant already? 2 more months, and this baby is out. so this thing will be of no use after that. mmmm, maybe i still need it after giving birth.
3. he could just give me the money, and i could buy more maternity pants from local department stores, and surely there will be no need to recycle my not-maternity pants.
i could go on and on… but enough of negativity. as i promised, next year, focus on positive.

we agreed that this will be his last ever ever ever surprise to me. if ever he plans to surprise me again, he best consults me first.