my sekwet guilty pleasure lately

i’ve been hooked with online shopping for the past 2-3 weeks. not really online shopping but more of online ‘window’ shopping. but only with local online sellers as i find it more exciting and of course cheaper. aside from boredandcrafty, i guess i only made 2 real ‘buying’ from online sellers (multiply and because i’m cheap like that. =)

anyhow, i’m sharing directories of our online local seller so you will also get hooked. =) bilibid or not, i checked all the links listed in these directories.

most of the sellers listed in the said directories are using multiply. i was really surprised to see a lot of local sellers here in multiply.

ditch, i kind of did not have much good experience with them. 1. i did not like the item i got but it’s majorly my fault and maybe because i was a newbie, i was just too excited to check thoroughly the item before buying it. as described, item is pre-owned. careful with those pre-owned/used terms, it can translate to ukay2x. but the ukay2x factor was not really my problem, it’s just not what i expect.
 2. communication problem with a seller nga makaulbo kaayog kaspa. i won the bid for her item on sunday. i emailed her right away asking for total payment, no reply. so email her again for 3 straight days asking if she’s still interested to sell her item. no reply, so i thought she’s no longer interested, and instead got something similar from another seller. it was like friday, so like 5 days after i won the bid, when she emailed me with the total amount i should pay. so i told her, i’m no longer buying her item because got another similar item from another seller, and said i was sorry for not telling her beforehand. and she replied with:
‘hi…. its no problem. but please be careful in your next transaction with other ebayers coz if you will not get what you had bidded you might get a negative feedback. especialy if there’s a contact number indicated in the description of the item. thanks and hope will be having a transaction soon. Happy ebaying….’

i admit, partly my fault. but hello, nitoktok ko sa iya tindahan for pila ka adlaw, nya wala’y motubag, does she expect me to be still there waiting for her after 5 or 6 days? and, please you’re selling online not via text/celphone. so adto pagbantay sa internet, dili sa imong celphone. i don’t expect her to be watching her online store  24/7 but at least check it from  time to time. for sure she knows kanus-a mo end ang bidding time sa iya items so at least man lng iya i-check at that time. duh duh duh! but did not bother to reply to her email again because i know it’s going nowhere. kevs sa negative feedback, i can also give her one. and, no problem, i’m no longer interested with

from my li’l experience, i believe sellers from multiply are better than those in though you really cannot avoid scammers. anyhoo, just my realizations with this online shopping:
1. if you’re interested with something, do not right away commit yourself of buying it. if you’re on ebay, do not bid right away. it’s best to bid at the last minute of the bidding deadline.
2. research that item online first. check other online stores, and compare prices.
3. take time to check the thing 1st in your local malls/stores/etc, might be cheaper or same price. and makakita ka sa real deal. something i noticed is that used items are still priced just like 100 or 200 less than the new ones. so add the shipping, the price is just like of a new item. so palit na lang sa mall, with a difference of just P100-200, bag-o na lang palita.
4. LV/balenciaga/and those kind of labels that are said to be authentic, and cheap because they’re pre-owned, ay forget it. you can check this site .
5. and note to the sellers, nindut2xa sad gamay inyo mga pictures beh. kanang at least maklaro ang drawing or printa sa inyo gibaligya.

and, ni give up na ko aning bisyoha! =) not a waste of money because i’m cheap but waste of time. anyhoo, nalingaw man sad ko =)