migi’s gift

… on meg.
this is the 3rd shirt that migi received as christmas gift. all 3 are from his ninongs/ninang.
and, all of them is too small for migi. they might still imagine migi as a little boy.
thus, they end up with meg, the willing meg. =)
still from the bottomest of our heart, as migi would say it, ‘tenkyo, ‘lamat.’ =)

this one is from his ninang tim2x from down under aussie. =) we went to ayala yesterday to meet up with ate mai2x (tim2x sis) to get this gift. ‘was happy to see ate mai2x after a loooonggg time. she was here to attend a wedding, and at the same time have some vacation.

(ako ng slim. mai2x ang mas slim)